Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yesterday in Czech class we got our tests back. I got an A on the test! I think there was only one other A and then a couple of people got A-s. This means that I got an A in the class if it ends up that we get credit for it. The reason I know people's grades is that after we looked at our test grades the teacher went around the class and said people's test grades and what that meant their grade for the class was. For the boys who sit in the back of the class, come late and skip class she says "now for the best students in the class. You get C+ on test, C- in class." Apparently every teacher did this same sort of thing. This is another thing that would never happen at home, or else the professors would get harassed by students and parents. After we went over our tests we watched another Czech movie. It was about World War II and was really sad. I don't remember the name but the movie was really good. My teacher told us that Czech people prefer movies without happy endings.

Last night we went to see Swan Lake. I loved this ballet, the costumes were so pretty and the dancers were great. Since I haven't been to many ballets, this is what I was picturing when I thought of ballet. It had a huge cast so there were a lot of really cool dances. After we went to Cafe Louvre which is a really famous cafe. It has a cafe, restaurant and billiards room where you can play pool and all sorts of board games. It is where tons of great thinkers used to hang out, such as Einstein and Kafka. To put the icing on the cake of coolness, the former president of the Czech Republic took Bill Clinton there. I had chocolate cake which was basically a chocolate mousse cake and was really good. Joanna had a raspberry cake which had tons of raspberries and then a some kind of cake on the bottom. Julie had hot chocolate which was basically a melted candy bar and a caramel sundae with nuts and whipped cream. Both of these were really good too. Julia and Erin split fish soup which was like Manhattan clam chowder and sacher cake which was kind of like grainy cake that tasted like there was some kind of fruit in it. The soup was really good but the cake was ok.

Today we went to the toy museum. It is right near the castle. There are tons of old toys there and the whole second floor is a Barbie exhibit. I took a ton of pictures of the toys. Some of them are kind of creepy, like the porcelain dolls...some people I know happen to think porcelain dolls are not creepy though. There were also some interesting barbies, such as drag queen Barbie (I don't think this was her actual name but its what she looked like) and pregnant Barbie. I took pictures of all of these but I can't figure out how to post descriptions of pictures.Also some of the Barbies I took pictures of are behind other ones so its kind of hard to see them.

Tonight we are going out to a Mexican restaurant. Its supposed to be really good and is always packed so you actually have to make reservations. Apparently the bartenders are actually Mexican so we're all excited because we may actually be able to speak Spanish and speak a language that we actually know a little of.


  1. Hannah,
    I am glad you enjoyed the ballet, now please get all of that ballet stuff out of your system before I get there!
    FYI, I was once one of the boys in the back of the class, but I am also a great thinker.
    Why would they order fish soup???

  2. Q What do you call a Mexican bartender in the Czeck Republic?
    A Czeckican

  3. Hans, so that is pretty cool, swan lake..I have always wanted to see the ballet great, would you go again?
    Also I think it is so funny you go to a mexican rest in the prague...I just love it...reminds me that in reality the world is very small
    The hot chocolate sounds like the way they make it in Italy
    ...porcelain dolls...I can only imagine what you were thinking!!!!
    love ya!
    your GM

  4. I completely agree with the drag queen barbie comment, that's exactly what it looked like. Also, pregnant barbie is extremely creepy.