Saturday, February 28, 2009

On Thursday I did not do much, I went grocery shopping, did some reading and took a nap. Later in the afternoon Joanna's sister Audrey and her friend Nisha arrived and I went with them on a walk around the castle. Then we went to dinner at the Hanging Coffee Pot. Yesterday during the day Julia, Erin, Rachel and I went to the Chocolate Museum. Now this sounds like my heaven. However, the museum was pretty small but they had one display of all old chocolate wrappers that was kind of cool and then we got a sample at the beginning and the end. There was also a candy store at the end of the museum with tons of chocolate that looked amazing. They also had a lot marzipan and hard candy that they made in front of you. Then last night we went to dinner at Barbar and I got a crepe with egg, spinach and cheese it was really good and reminded me of breakfast. After dinner we went to this show called Laterna Magika Graffiti. It was a modern dance show that also had a cool background behind and in front of the dancers with lots of lights and colors. It was really cool and kind of difficult to explain but the way the lights were set up it seemed like the dancers could just appear out of nowhere. After the show Joanna and I took Audrey and Nisha to Cafe Louvre for dessert. We decided that since they were on vacation we were too so it was okay that we went out to eat twice in one day. This time I got black forest cake which was chocolate cake with cherries and whipped cream. After Cafe Louvre we went to this bar called the Fat Koala which was just a cool place to hang out.

Today I slept in for a while and then Joanna, Julia, Julie, Erin and I went to this town about 40 minutes outside of Prague called Melnik. When we got there we walked up to this old church and looked at the view. Then we actually went into the church and climbed all the way up to the top. To do this we had to go up extremely steep stairs that were more like ladders and then up a really twisty metal staircase. We climbed higher than the bells and it was cool to see how huge they were. Once we got to the top we got a 360 degree view of the town and the view was so pretty. The only bad thing was that today was not one of the 3 days the sun has been out ssince I've been in Prague. Luckily though it was the warmest day since we've been here, 45 degrees in Prague and then a little cooler in the countryside. After the church we went and did a tour of the castle. It was really pretty and had a concert hall and chapel in it. Then we went and did a tour of the wine cellar. In the cellar there was a giant griffin, so I guess Godric Gryffindor must have been there at some point. Once we left the cellar we did a wine tasting of Czech wine. We were a little disappointed because we thought that we were going to be able to actually learn about the wine but instead they just put us in a basement for 30 minutes with 10 bottles of wine and a description of each. It was fun to be able to try all the wines that were made there though. After the wine tasting we had dinner in Melnik and took the bus back to Prague.


  1. so Hannah...we got us a Nor'Eatser up here...quite the day, so you may clouds , but we got snow baby! Couldn't see a foot in front of you this a.m.
    Things calmed down by was the vino???

  2. hahahaha...a Nor"Eatser...I meant Eastah!!!