Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today we had our Czech test. Joanna and I studied together last night but there was so much on it that it was impossible to know everything. The test was not very long, it was just one piece of paper, both sides. Some of it was difficult and I definitely made some mistakes. However, I think I did okay overall. Also, I've gotten A's on all my worksheets, except for one. On that one my teacher drew a flower. Before the test my class actually went to see a movie with another class. The movie was all in Czech with English subtitles and was really good but I can't remember the name. It was nominated for an Oscar in the 90's I think. After the test I went and picked up a few things at Albert's, the grocery store. I got apples, oranges, yogurt, bread and dried pineapple for $5. Then I came back and Joanna and I went and walked around the park near our dorm. It was cold so we just walked through and didn't go up to the Eiffel Tower. We also found the tram that takes you to the top of the hill to see a view of Prague.

Howard and Joe want to know more about the food. I make a lot of scrambled eggs and grilled cheese in my room. It is still college even though its in Prague. This country loves yogurt. There is always a full aisle of yogurt at the grocery store instead of just a little section. There is also a lot of muesli which is cereal and I like it in granola bar form covered in yogurt. Another Czech food is fried cheese. This is basically mozzarella sticks but in a triangle. It's really good. There are also bakeries everywhere. They are kind of different than at home and sell a lot of croissants and bread pastry breakfast type things. There is a little tiny bakery across from one of the classroom buildings that sells donuts that look really good. There is also one by one of the tram stops. I don't know how everyone in this country stays so skinny. In general though the food here is really good, especially baked goods. It is kind of hard for picky eaters because you can't always tell what is in everything. Czech food is pretty basic and is usually meat and potatoes. They also have salads, pasta and a lot of pizza places so there are tons of options.


  1. SO forget Howard and Joe....we would like to know if you have met any cute guys!!
    your GM

  2. Howard and Joe are not forgettable.