Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I wrote this post on Sunday but couldn't post until now because my internet was broken.

Since the national galleries were free this weekend we went to another two museums. The first that we went to was a dance and festivities exhibition. It was cool, there were paintings of dances and parties and then there were old musical instruments and dance clothing. The next museum we went to was a huge art museum and I can’t remember the name. We originally went because there is a temporary Picasso exhibit that leaves March 1. However, once we got there it turned out that the rest of the museum had a lot of great art, that was much more modern and recent than the museum I went to yesterday. The best exhibit was where the Picasso works were because there a ton of other great artists there too. At first I only saw some really small Picasso drawings that were boring and was disappointed because I had take two trams to get to them. But then I walked further and realized there were a ton more of his paintings in the gallery. They were really good and showed paintings from all the different styles that he used. I was also really excited because there were a few Monet paintings and other Impressionist (I think) artists. I do not know very much about art but I think that this is one of my favorite styles of painting.

After we went to the museum we were all exhausted and decided to get some lunch. We went to Bohemia Bagel which is basically an American place. It had bagels, sandwiches, burgers, salads and al day American breakfasts. It also had American coffee, which was very exciting. This is the place to go if you are homesick. The one thing that was different was its advertising of Irish coffee, Bailey’s and other alcohol spiked coffees to go with your breakfast. We will definitely be going back there (not for the alcohol, but for the food, which was not only American but cheap and delicious).

Tomorrow we are supposed to start our Czech language intensive course. However, I am in the morning group and tomorrow morning we are meeting first to watch the movie about Jan, which is called Fighter (google it). He is going to talk about it and introduce it so I’m not sure if we are actually going to have our class. He is also going to do a lecture series in our dorm about history and his life. It is not for credit but his life and experiences are fascinating so I think I will definitely be going.

Our other classes do not start until February 23. I got really lucky because it ended up that I am only taking four classes, as I had wanted to do from the beginning but was intimidated and bullied into signing up for five even though they ended up only putting me in four. I did not want to take four classes out of laziness, it was because I wanted to be able to make the most out of this experience by really living in Prague. I planned for this by taking six classes and doing research credit. This amounted to 20 credits but extra hours because of the research. Keep in mind 15 is normal. Another great thing is that I only have class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is great because then I’ll have Thursdays and Fridays to travel. Unfortunately the classes that I’m in I don’t know if I signed up for but its fine. I wish we could take Czech class in addition to the intensive class, which we don’t even get credit for. Also, the internet here is not working so I haven’t been able to get online. Supposedly it is going to be fixed tomorrow.

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