Friday, June 5, 2009


We took the overnight train from Paris to Venice. Our compartment was completely full, but it was a sleeper car so we got to fold down the beds and actually sleep, so it was not as bad as it could have been. Once we got there it was actually pretty easy to find our hotel because it was right by St. Mark's Square which is the main tourist area. When we got there we just walked around and explored and had lunch. This was actually what we did for most of the time we were there, we toured St. Mark's Square and went into the basilica but the rest of the time we just walked around and saw the city and did some shopping. Amy and I both bought leather bags. I really wanted to take a gondola ride but it was 100 euros! I figured it would be expensive but that was just ridiculous. When we switched hotels we took the water bus so we got to see the city on that anyway. The second hotel we were in for just one night and it took us forever to get to it because we had to wait almost an hour for the boat because one was too full for us to fit on and then we couldn't find it. Our room was huge though and had three beds for the two of us. I used one and Amy used the other two in one night. The hotel was kind of out of the city center, but this was good because we got to see a less touristy part of town and we were right near the bus station where we had to take the bus to the airport. On Wednesday morning we flew from Venice to Prague, which was actually cheaper and so much better than taking an overnight train.

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