Friday, June 5, 2009

Back in Prague

We are now back in Prague! Our first day back was Wednesday and we just did stuff around our hotel for the afternoon since there is a huge mall there. Yesterday we slept in wicked late and then did the tour of the Jewish Quarter and then walked around the Wenceslas Square area. Today we went to Karlovy Vary which is a spa town about two hours away from Prague. The town is really beautiful and it was where King Charles built his vacation spa. Now there are tons of spas and there are supposedly healing springs from which you are supposed to drink the water out of special cups. The water is all different temperatures and the different temperatures are supposed to have different healing qualities. They all kind of taste like metal. Amy and I bought the special cups and tried the different waters but they tasted pretty bad so we just took a sip of each. The we just explored the town since it was so pretty and then took the bus back to Prague. When we got back we picked our bags up at the hotel and then brought them to the new hotel and checked in. Then we went to dinner at Cafe Louvre which was of course very good. After that we went and picked up my giant suitcases at the kolej to bring them to the hotel. We had to take a taxi since they were so heavy though, but it was really cheap so it was not a big deal. Now we just have the weekend left in Prague and then home on Monday!

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