Monday, March 16, 2009

Last week I went to the local high school to speak English with some students. The first class I was in the teacher told us that they were his worst class. However, I thought they spoke great and I enjoyed talking to them. Both groups that I talked to were very outgoing and wanted to hear about why I was studying in Prague, how I liked it and more about America. They were also interested in the American drinking age and when you can get your license. In the Czech Republic people cannot drive until they are 18.

Today I also tutored a girl in English. Joanna and I are both tutoring her and we actually mat the family last week. They are friends of Zuzana and Jan which is how we got this job. So today i met up with her and we just went to a coffee shop and talked. I brought her some English books and magazines and then just spoke English to her. She speaks very well in conversation but she wants to practice more because she wants to switch the international school where classes are all taught in English. Right now she goes to the German school and her classes are taught in German and Czech. So she speaks 3 languages at 14. I'm jealous.

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